TTT: My Top 10 OTPs

It`s Valentine`s Day tomorrow, and I`ll probably spend it binge-watching "How To Get Away With Murder" and eating too much chocolate. And yes, I`m still happily married, but my husband is away with his friends and we don`t celebrate Valentine`s Day anyway. Because I find it commercial and I don`t need a day to show my love. However, since I don`t want to be a total Grinch ( who`s his Valentine`s counterpart?) I`ll share with you 5 of my bookish OTPs and 5 of my TV Shows OTPs.


  • Katniss and Peeta from "The Hunger Games"
This was my first bookish OTP, and I`m nostalgic every time I think about it. Peeta is probably my number one book boyfriend because he`s kind, altruistic and reliable. He reminds me a lot of my husband. And to me, Peeta was exactly what Katniss needed: hope that life can still be worth living even after what they endured.

  • Will and Louisa from "Me Before You"
I hate reading romance books, but this was such a pleasant surprise. Louisa was such a fun and quirky character, and I loved how she made such an impact on Will`s life. I know the ending is quite controversial so I won`t get into that. But they`re still one of my dearest OTP.

  • Simon and Blue from "Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda"

These two are the cutest! I love that the fact that they fell in love online, proving that love is more about a connexion and less about physical infatuation. I can`t wait to see the movie!

  • Mr Darcy and Elizabeth from "Pride and Prejudice"
I wasn`t the biggest fan of the novel, but I loved their interactions. I`m a big fan of those relationships where both partners challenge each other and bring out the best in each other.

  • Scarlett and Rhett from "Gone With The Wind"
I`m technically cheating on this one, as I`m having this decision based on the movie. But hey, I girl can dream about Clark Gable, can`t she?

  • Monica and Chandler from "Friends"

Can we all stop with the nonsense, and agree that Monica and Chandler were the real couple of "Friends"? Personally, I couldn`t give a damn about Rachel and Ross`s "will they-won`t they" shtick. It was useless drama. Monica and Chandler had their personal issues, but they worked on them together. He made her more mellow and she made him grew up.
  • Seth and Summer from "The O.C."
Seth was my ideal boyfriend when I was a teenager and to this date, I still have a crush on Adam Brody. He was sarcastic, smart and caring - the nerd chasing the popular girl. And although the popular girl was nasty at first, she turned out to be sweet, intelligent and loyal. They were the perfect match! (and that Spider-Man kiss was just goals)
  • Jess and Rory from "Gilmore Girls"

The most divisive thing in the Gilmore Girl fan base is deciding who was Rory`s ideal boyfriend. I still insist it was Jess. Although he was a jerk sometimes, he grew up and turned into a reliable guy that made it on his own. Plus, the guy loved reading so I don`t know why we`re still debating this.
  • Veronica and Logan from "Veronica Mars"
You can say that I have a thing for lost causes or the bad-boy with a heart of gold. I know, it`s such a cliche. But I suppose it all comes down to character development and acting.
  • Lily and Marshall from "How I Met Your Mother"
They represent one of the healthiest relationships I`ve seen on television. They support and love each other throughout the good and the bad. Although they have their ups and downs, it`s not for useless drama. This is the couple that reminds me the most of my marriage, and for that, it will always have a special place in my heart.

Here are 10 of my favourite fictional couples. I could have included more, but I`ve decided to stay away from controversial pairings. Anyways, let me know in the comments which of these couples do you like. Or which one you hate, I`m always up for a good old-fashion debate.

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The Inglorious TBR

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the short absence, but I have been away on holiday. Today`s TTT* is about the books that have been on our TBR forever. And by forever I mean those books that were required reading or even recommended reads by your family/ friends. For instance, my dad decided to pick up "Kafka on the Shore" because he knows I adore Haruki Murakami. I, on the other hand, am an ungrateful daughter that can`t pick up a Jules Verne book even if her life is depending on it. Apparently, no "Shantay, You Stay" for "Around the World in Eighty Days". ( I have seen the cartoons with the dogs, but I don`t think that counts) Anyway, let me give you a tour of my Inglorious TBR.

1. "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy ( 9 years on my TBR)
I`ve discovered Fyodor Dostoyevsky in high-school, and I`ve loved his writing so much that I finished all of his novels by the time I went to Uni. I was fascinated by Russian literature, and the next big name on my list was Leo Tolstoy. However, when I saw the size of his novels I almost had a hard attack and thus ended my affair with the Russians. But I am willing to give it another chance, once I find a pretty edition.

2."A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens ( 9 years on my TBR)
After my 4th Dostoyevsky novel, I`ve decided to take a break and focus my attention on other classics as well (there`s so much despair one can take if you know what I mean). So I`ve picked up "Great Expectations" and surprisingly, it exceeded my expectations (medal for the worst puns). And truth be told, I am confused as to why I have not continued on with Mr Dickens` novels, but I was probably young and going through stupid boy drama.

3. "Gone With The Wind" by Margaret Mitchell ( 8 years on my TBR)
I`m still not sure if I`ll ever read this novel. The only reason why it`s on this list is that I love the movie and more importantly, I fangirl over Clark Gable. I am not saying that it`s not an extraordinary novel, but I have a feeling it might bore me. And it lacks Clark Gable, though I supposed I could picture him...Did I mention I have a thing for Clark Gable?

4. "The Diary of a Young Girl" by Anne Frank ( 8 years on my TBR)
You could say that I have been reading this book for more than 8 years. I first read a few chapters back in high-school, a couple more at Uni and I picked it up again before my trip to Amsterdam. I don`t know why I`m having such a hard time finishing it because I am enjoying it. I recently read "Night" by Elie Wiesel and that put me in a WWII literature mood, so fingers crossed I`ll finish this by the end of the year.

5. "Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter" by Simone de Beauvoir ( 7 years on my TBR)
During my second year of Uni, I took two classes on feminism, and amongst the books I had to study was "The Second Sex". I was instantly intrigued by Simone de Beauvoir and her life. 

6. "The Beauty Myth" by Naomi Wolf ( 7 years on my TBR)
I`ve only read a couple chapters for my Gender Studies class, but I do want to continue on. Since I am also a beauty blogger, I don`t agree that the pursuit of beauty has affected feminism. But there`s no denying that there`s a pressure on women to be feminine and pleasant, to be pretty to look at. And I work in retail, so I talk from experience. Anyway, I`m extremely curious to see what the author has to say about the whole beauty myth.

7. "The Shining" by Stephen King ( 6 years on my TBR)

I have a confession: I have seen all of the movie adaptations but never read King`s novels. Terrible, I know. I have been putting this novel off since the end of Uni, but hopefully, I`ll read it this October.

8. "Bad Feminist" by Roxane Gay ( 3 years on my TBR)
Roxane Gay is a well-known and loved nonfiction author, focusing mainly on feminism. She`s also a woman of colour and obviously, her experience with sexism is different than mine, which is why I want to read this memoir even more. "Bad Feminist" is meant to be witty, original and insightful; the perfect novel to rekindle my love with nonfiction books.

9. "The Handmaid`s Tale" by Margaret Atwood ( 3 years on my TBR)
I`ve had my eyes on this book for quite a while, but after the success of the TV Show, I am more than ready to read it. I am familiar with the plot, and from what I can tell this is bound to become a new favourite of mine.

10. "Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order" by Noam Chomsky ( 2 years on my TBR)
After I finished Uni the last thing I wanted to do was read books related to my field ( I have a degree in politics, in case it`s not obvious, duh). But two years ago I realised that I miss it. I miss reading about feminism, activism, social justice, etc. 

I was thinking of writing more nonfiction recommendations posts, so if this is something that might interest you, let me know. As always, I hope you`ve enjoyed this post.

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January Book Haul

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my January Book Haul, otherwise known as All The Books I got for my birthday. Although I find it silly I must give you the disclaimer: I`m not bragging, I am grateful for my presents and want to share them with you, etc. Pardon the language, but what a load of crap. I`m always bothered by the fact that now we have to give these disclaimers. It`s a free world, you can skip a post or a video. But some of us enjoy this type of content, so let us be.

Anyway, let`s get back to my haul. The majority of these books are from my loving husband, and yes, I give him a list of all the books I want. And that`s because he tends to spend a lot more if I don`t do that (and buy expensive stuff that I don`t need). So I always check various websites to look for the cheapest price and then send him the wishlist. And they say romance is dead. I also got some Amazon/Waterstone gift cards because people know I love books and I went nuts. Because life`s too short and you can`t skip all the new releases. So without any further ado, let`s start this haul.

Last year I read the first two books in the Grisha trilogy, and I completely fell in love with the world (and the Darkling). So after hearing me talk non-stop about these books, my husband decided to get me the new editions. Which are gorgeous and probably the most beautiful books that I have ever seen. Also, another life tip from me: get yourself a partner that is not intimidated by your ongoing fascination with a fictional psychopath. And who decides to feed your addiction with the Grishaverse by buying you the "Six of Crows" duology. #RelationshipGoals

Moving on to the books I got with my gift card, I decided to be reasonable and get only three. As usual, I`m late to the party, but I finally picked up "My Lady Jane". The ending of "Ruin and Rising" left me heartbroken, angry and in a bit of a reading slump, so I`m hoping that "My Lady Jane" will help with that. I`ve already read 80 pages and so far I love it.

I also want to read more new releases, but at the same time, I`m trying to keep myself grounded in reality (sadly, I`m not a millionaire and I can`t afford all the books). I am trying to read at least 2-3 new releases and the ones that interested me the most were "Batman: Nightwalker" by Marie Lu and "Everless" by Sara Holland. I`m a big DC fan, and although I`m not the biggest fan of Batman, I am very interested to see what Marie Lu will do with the story. Leigh Bardugo did a phenomenal job with Wonder Woman, so one can only hope. As for "Everless", the plot reminds me a lot of "In Time", taking place in a world where time is the currency.

OK, these were all the books that I got for my birthday. I can`t say how grateful I am for them and how excited I am to start reading them. Thanks for reading!

My 2018 Bookish Resolutions

A few days ago, I posted my personal and blogging goals over at Beauty Nerd, my lifestyle/beauty blog. But when I saw that this week`s TTT is bookish resolutions, I`ve decided to divide and conquer. Maintaining two blogs is not easy, so I`ve decided to separate my goals for each blog. Today I`ll share with you my bookish resolutions (hate the word) and my plans for Carmen`s Reading Corner.

                                                            Read 10 Classics

Back in my high-school glory days, I used to read classics all the time. But then I started reading less, and when I got back into it, it was mainly fantasy and YA contemporaries. I recently made a post with the classics I want to read in 2018, and hopefully, I can tick 10 out of that list. Or add new ones, but the main idea is that I want to enjoy classics again.

                                                            Read 8 Big Books

What do I mean by big books? Books over 500 pages. Last year I focused so much on quantity, I sometimes skipped over quality. And I`m not saying that all huge books are masterpieces. But for fantasy at least, more pages equal more world building and character development (or so I hope). A few big books that I have in mind are: "It", "The Final Empire", "War and Peace", "Strange The Dreamer" and "The Witching Hour". I obviously wanted to include "The Winds of Winter", but hey, it`s been pushed again. To 2020!!!!!!!

                                               Participate in Non-Fiction November

Since I`m going back to Uni to get my master's degree, this will be quite easy to do. At the moment, I`m debating between a master degree in Digital Marketing or one in Politics/ Economics (Management of European Institutions, to be more specific). Regardless of what I decide, I`ll probably read some books for class, though I have a couple politics books that have been sitting on my TBR forever.

                                                       Read more literary fiction

I used to read more literary fiction when I was 16 than now at 28. I don`t know if it`s because I`m tired from work and I just want easy reads, but I mainly reach for YA (fantasy, contemporary, paranormal, you name it). I try to keep up with Haruki Murakami`s new releases, but other than that I`m behind on a lot of buzzing novels. In 2018 I want to read at least one adult literary fiction book per month, so if you have any recommendations from last year, let me know so I can catch up.

                                                       Start a Booktube channel

The scariest and yet most exciting thing I want to do in 2018, is to start a Booktube channel. I wanted to start one in 2017, but I let fear get the better of me. I was terrified that nobody would watch my videos, or worse, that people will say mean things. But until you try something, you can`t be sure of the outcome.

As for my blogging goals, I`d love to reach 80.000 pageviews. I`d also love to get my DA over 40. It would mean the world to me if I could reach 1k Bloglovin followers. Or 10k Instagram followers. But numbers are tricky, and they can never give you real satisfaction (plus, with all these changes, it's hard to increase your presence). I know I don`t have the biggest following, but I have a loyal group of online friends that I interact with regularly. And that means the world to me. Although it`s nice to have a specific goal to motivate you, the main thing I want to accomplish in 2018 is to still enjoy bringing out content. 

Let me know in the comments what are some of your 2018 bookish resolutions. How many books do you want to read this year?

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TTT: Top Ten Books I Wanted to Read in 2017 and Failed Miserably

2017 TBR
                                           TTT is a weekly meme/feature hosted by The Broke and The Bookish

A new year brings new beginnings, but also the shame of your last year failures. That`s why I normally don`t like New Year`s Resolutions and never set them. I don`t like to feel the pressure of doing something. Obviously, every year I want to be the better version of myself. But that should happen gradually and naturally. On that note, I also suck at sticking with my TBRs. These were all books that I wanted to read in the previous year and failed miserably. So hopefully, I`ll have better luck this year.

1. "The Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern
This book was on my Spring TBR. Let that sink in! Honestly, I have no excuse for not reading it. It seems to have that whimsical vibe which I love in my books and I`m pretty sure I`ll love it. So I need to just pick it up and read it.
"Truthwitch" Susan Denard

2. "Truthwitch" by Susan Denard
I am trying to read more epic-fantasy novels and this one seems to get a lot of praise on Goodreads. The focus appears to be on female friendship and we can all use a bit more of that.

3. "Nevernight" by Jay Kristoff
This book has an amazing Goodreads rating, and I know that can be misleading (hello Cassie Clare), but I`m intrigued by it. Not going to lie, I`m a sucker for the covers. And everything with assassins in it has my full attention.
Throne of Glass

4. "Throne of Glass" by Sarah J. Maas
I have a feeling I`ll hate this series. And I know that I just mentioned that I love assassins. Sadly, many reviewers that I trust disliked these books (or liked the first one or two and then it went downhill). But I believe that you have to read a book for yourself before you judge it. And every reading experience is personal. So who knows, maybe I`ll like this one.

5. "All The Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doer
I have been very lucky with my historical fiction picks last year. It`s a genre that I highly enjoy and I rarely get disappointments. This book has gotten so much praise, it`s crazy. All I know about this novel is that it`s about a blind French girl and a German boy who try to survive WWII.

6. "Red Queen" by Victoria Aveyard
People have mixed opinions about this book and one of the most common complaints is that it`s not that original. But I love dystopia and I`m willing to give it a chance.

7. "Everything, Everything" by Nicola Yoon
I`m currently in one of those phases when I am not happy with YA contemporary. I`m tired of the same trope and especially insta-love. And this book seems to have a lot of that. But again, I want to read it before I can judge it.

8. "Traitor to the Throne" by Alwyn Hamilton
"Rebel of the Sands" was one of my favourite books of 2016 and I was so impatient to get the sequel. But then I started reading other books and I also realised that I`ve forgot many details from the first book. So now I`m waiting for the conclusion and after that, I`ll marathon the whole trilogy.
Snow Like Ashes

9. "Snow Like Ashes" by Sara Raasch
When I was reading the synopsis of this book, I instantly thought of Arya Stark. It`s about an orphan girl that was raised as a warrior and would do anything to save her kingdom. Also, there`s magic involved.

10. "Heartless" by Marissa Meyer
A retelling focused on the Queen of Hearts. Again, opinions are mixed, but this looks to me like a guilty pleasure read that you read easily.

I know that many of you will recognize these books from my Fall TBR. What can I say? I`m hopeless. Hopefully, I`ll be more productive this year.

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