My Reading Routine

Today I thought I`d do something different and share with you my reading routine. It might have been better if this was a video, but I'm too shy to ever do Youtube, so I`ll just talk you through. While most people like to read in the evening, I work the afternoon shift, so as soon as I get home I go to bed or watch Netflix with my husband. But honestly, even before work, I could never read in the evening, I always found it too tiring. 
This little space is my reading nook. I normally set the alarm at 9 A.M. and read for two hours. On the top of my desk I keep the books on my TBR list and those are the books I hope to read this Spring. I put away all electronics devices that might distract me and I always keep a candle around, it helps me relax.
After one hour, I take a 15 minutes break, to have my breakfast. I eat pretty much everything, from waffles to scrambled eggs, but for me, breakfast is the most important meal so I make sure I never skip it. There are always some snacks laying around and a coffee or smoothie to give me energy. However said one cannot think on an empty stomach was absolutely right.

I also love taking notes when I read, so I always keep some notebooks around me. Before I used to use a pen and mark quotes in the book, but now I would never do that. Some are just too beautiful to ruin, like this copy of Lady Midnight for instance. If I love a book I might get lost in it, but I also have to schedule posts and prepare for work, so now I set a timer at 11 o`clock, as a reminder.

Having an organized reading routine helped me a lot, now I manage to finish more books and, therefore, there`s more space on my TBR list. I`m curious if you have any routine, whether you like reading in the morning or in the evening. Don`t forget to leave a comment, I love reading your thoughts.


  1. Having a reading routine sounds interesting, I've never had one. Most of the time I read before going to bed and also on the bus going to work. Timing would be good in order to have some other things done, because when I get caught in a book it is hard to stop reading.

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. I`m such a procrastinator, if I don`t have a routine I`ll probably end-up in bed doing nothing all day.

  2. I totally wish that I could have a reading routine! When I get the time, I love to read at night before bed. It's just nice to unwind in bed before I sleep!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    1. I wish I could read at night, but I always fall asleep when I try to do that.


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