TTT: The Pros and Cons of living in a fantasy world

Hello, everyone! It`s my first day off in quite a while, so I`m trying to get to all of your messages. Sorry for the late replies, I`m doing my best. Anyway, today`s TTT is about bookish worlds you`d love to live in. Or the opposite: worlds that are more terrifying than all of Stephen King`s books combined. I wanted to put my own spin on today`s topic, and talk about the pros and cons of living in a fantasy world. Because if you think about it, nothing is black or white (except zebras, old movies, mime makeup, etc). Even though everyone wanted to attend Hogwarts, it did have its fair share of dodgy stuff. And the list could go on an on, but I`m going to give 5 examples.

Ketterdam (Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom - Leigh Bardugo)
I was debating whether to pick Ketterdam or Ravka. Ravka has the incredible king Nikolai, but it is a depressing setting for #teamDarkling ("Ruin and Rising" should be just Ruin). And as much as I adore anything Russian inspired, I can`t deny the similarities between Ketterdam and Amsterdam, which is one of my favourite European cities. So Ketterdam it is. With its canals and old buildings, one might confuse the Barrel with the Red Light District. I`m not quite sure you can get jurda brownies, but I`m confident it will happen at one point.

Pros: An exciting and effervescent city. Perfect for coffee lovers. Waffles.
Cons: Might lose your soul gambling. Not that ideal for women or Grisha.

The Shire (Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien)
I`ve always felt that the Shire was the place for me. At 1.55cm/ 5.2 feet, I`d fit right in. I also have tiny, but wide fit, and love the moments when I don`t have to wear shoes. And yes, I do enjoy a second breakfast every now and then. Let`s be honest, the Shire is the place to be for everyone that likes to have a good time.

Pros: Literally everything about that place.
Cons: Every now and then, a crazy wizard might take you on a deadly adventure. An evil force wants to take over, so there`s the occasional war.

The Capitol (The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins)
I know that this is a controversial pick because almost everyone in the Capitol is a self-absorbed prick (and I`m cheating by squeezing a dystopian world). But I just love their crazy fashion, sophisticated food and decadent parties. Think of it as "The Great Gatsby" on steroids. Or like a permanent Met Gala. Definitely one or the other.

Pros: Ravishing clothes, amazing food, outstanding technology. Good music?
Cons: Your crazy aesthetic operations might turn you into a shallow individual. 

The Reach/Highgarden (Game of Thrones - George R.R.Martin)
Out of all the places you could visit in the Seven Kingdoms, nothing beats the land of the Tyrells (may they ALL rest in peace, especially lady Olenna). The Reach is Westeros` most fertile zone, filled with vast fields of crop and flowers. Despite rumours, it`s still the richest land.

Pros: Good food and climate. Perfect for a vacation around harvest season, when there are a few masquerades going around.
Cons: Anarchy since the ruling house was decimated. Big dragons since you have to do the Crown`s bidding now.

Hogwarts (Harry Potter - J.K.Rowling)
Alas, we are back where we started. The place of our childhood dreams, the school every kid wanted to attend. Hogwarts. A place filled with magic, friendly ghosts and an endless supply of food.

Pros: The food. Exciting classes. A gym class you might actually like.
Cons: Not great if you`re a muggle, and the Dark Lord is trying to take over the world. Also, not that great if you`re pureblood either, because there`s a lot of parental pressure to be evil (especially for poor house Slytherin). The caretaker is a lot like the Janitor in "Scrubs". Also, your Potions teacher is not a fan of kids. Wrong career, maybe? Joking, I actually dig Snape.

Looking back at this list, I realise that most of my reasons for wanting to be part of a fantasy world involve food. So yeah, probably not the most compelling argument. But then again, if you`re about to face your impending doom, you might as well do it on a full stomach. 


  1. Great twist to the topic. Solid reasoning :) But I would still pass on most of them.

    My list:

  2. I like your take on this because you're right - there is good and about every place you want to live. I laughed out loud at your cons for The Shire though.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

  3. I'd be okay with visiting the Capitol, but I'm not sure I'd want to live there, I don't think I could be okay with being that oblivious to the outside world!
    My TTT:

  4. I like your approach to this topic. My list is Literary Homes I'd Like to Live In. I skipped Hogwarts and included the Weasleys' Burrow instead. And I hadn't thought of the Capitol as being similar to Met Gala, but that is a really apt comparison! Here's my TTT:

  5. Great post but I would choose The Emerald City in Wizard of OZ!! Who couldn't love a scarecrow,lion and tin man plus have a beautiful good witch who will always help you go home? So you got to fight some flying monkeys and a wicked witch, ah the yellow brick road is where I would like to see!!

  6. The Capitol is a worthy choice for an extended visit.

  7. My reasons would probably involve food too so I dont blame you haha
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥


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