About Me:
Hello, my name is Georgiana, but since I`ve moved to London I`m using my middle name, Carmen. Apparently, it`s easier to pronounce and I also like to think of it as my blogging alter ego. I have a degree in politics, but somehow I ended up working in retail and I`m quite good at it, being the company`s youngest manager. Because I work full time I don`t have a lot of time for myself, but in my spare time I like to read, watch movies and discover London. I have another blog, Carmen Chats, where I write beauty reviews or hauls, but reading remains my main hobby, so I wanted a separate place where I could focus on that. Even though I had some posts about my favourite books on Beauty Nerd, I did not want to mix it too much and confuse my readers.
What will this blog be about?
Mainly, I will talk about books I read. There will be reviews, recommendations on a specific topic, monthly TBRs (to be read) and favourites, but I`m still making my plan, so there might be some changes. I also love movies and TV Shows, so maybe from time to time I`ll write about worst/best book adaptations. I only scheduled 10 posts so far, I`m still thinking about new entertaining ideas.

I don`t want this blog to be very formal, most of the time my posts sound like a long chat. I think that there are so many blogs these days, the only way you can be original is by being yourself and that`s what I intend to do. Also, English is my second language and I know that sometimes I might make some mistakes, but one of the reasons I`m blogging (besides interacting with people with similar interests) is because I want to improve my English.

I hope you`ll like my future posts and I can`t wait to interact with you!

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