For a person that has two blogs, I`m quite bad with social media. I always forget to tweet about new posts and until 2-3 months ago Instagram seemed like a chore. But not anymore! I recently discovered the Bookstragram community, and I was completely blown away by it. First of all, it gives you a chance to connect with amazing people that share your passion for reading. You can get so creative with your pictures and even if you feel stuck, there`s always a fun book challenge going around. This month I was part of #keepbookmarching, so I thought I will share my most popular pictures with you. That way you can get an idea of how the whole thing works and maybe next month you can do a challenge as well.

Cover Buy
I think this was my favourite challenge! I`ll confess, I purchased almost half of my books because they had pretty covers. But this Alice in Wonderland edition is the most beautiful book that I ever came across.

Reading Nook
The place where all the magic happens! I do my reading in the morning, and I just like to sit in bed with a cup of coffee and read for 2 hours.

Books with maps
I love fantasy books that feature maps; they make everything easier. I am so impressed with the world that George R.R.Martin created in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, I had to show them.

Infinite pages
This challenge was a bit tricky, so I followed what everyone else was doing and took a picture of a bunch of pages from several books. Also, at the moment I`m obsessed with the Shadowhunter world, hopefully by May I`ll finish the series.

Sock Sunday
Quite a fun challenge, because for most people Sundays are the best days to unwind and do some reading.

Next month I`ll participate in 3 or 4 challenges, so be ready for more pictures! If this is something you`d be interested in as well, just search #bookchallenge on Instagram and you`ll find several ones.


  1. nice seeing more of you on Instagram :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Thanks, I finally started to enjoy Instagram and see why it is so popular:)