Shadowhunters: My thoughts on season 1

I have no idea how to start this post because I have so many mixed feelings. Not only did the first season have only 13 effing episodes, but the new season will begin only in January. Who does that? ABC Family or Freeform, whatever you call it these days.  Though considering how fast they cancel TV Shows (anyone remember Ravenswood?), I should probably be relieved we have more episodes. Anyways, back to the topic! Shadowhunters is the TV adaptations for The Mortal Instruments series and just like the books, it was bad at the beginning, but then it completely blew my mind. 

If I`m completely honest, I wanted to give up after the first episode. The acting was bad, the story was sloppy and it did not make much sense. At first, I did not like the fact that they are not following the books, but in a way, that`s what makes this show so good. For once, I like Clary. Sure, she is not my favourite, but at least, she is not a total brat like in the books. The Lightwoods brothers get more screen time, and Alec finally has a personality. Jace is being Jace, but the one that steals the show is Magnus Bane. I know, I might be biased because he`s my favourite character, but you fall in love with him from the first episodes. 

Like I said, the acting gets a lot better, and so does the story. While it follows the main events, I`m happy to say that the TV Show does exactly the thing that the book was missing: give the secondary characters a story. Everyone has a purpose, and they`re not just props in Clace`s "epic love story". And speaking of love stories, the show realised that there are other ships as well, a thing that boosted their ratings a lot. (the MALEC episode, anyone?)

If you like fantasy teen TV shows, then you should definitely watch this. It`s not a masterpiece, but it`s very enjoyable, and it has a bit of everything: action, drama, comedy and romance. The last episode left me speechless, so I can`t wait to see what happens next.


  1. if the first episode sucks, i give up completely! maybe I should stick to it more like you do and see if it improves haha

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. sometimes I think that shows with a slow start end up really good, while others with a good start end up really bad. Funny how that works:))