The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass book review

This review comes as no surprise because April was dedicated to The Mortal Instruments series. The beginning was slow and bumpy; I did not understand the hype surrounding the books. Things got better in the second book and the third made me a Cassandra Clare fan. I love the world she creates the relatable characters and the shocking plot twists. I finished this book in a couple of days; I enjoyed the story and it had the perfect mix of action, drama and romance. I did find some passages a bit too long and descriptive, but there was a good balance. 

Following the events of the second book, Clary is getting ready for her trip to Idris. But Jace does not want her there because her special powers might make her a target for the clave. He tries to enlist Simon`s help, but a demon attacks them and they have to go to Idris without Clary. Furious, she creates her own portal and drags Luke along with her. Simon soon becomes a captive of the Clave and the others have to think of a plan to set him free. Some other things happen, but the main event is Valentine`s demon attack. That leaves the Shadowhunters with a big question: accept the help of Downworlerds or surrender to Valentine?

I talked about my dislike towards Clary multiple times. In this book, she gets more special powers, but she is just as selfish, shallow and immature as before. However, people start calling her out and I enjoyed that. Everyone tells her that she always does what she wants without thinking of the consequences and she feels guilty for a few seconds, but that`s it. Jace is Jace, but his sarcasm and witty lines make the book more enjoyable. The one that suffers a big character development is Simon; he finally accepts that he`s a part of the Downworld and takes action. The Lightwoods were not that present in the book again, but their chapters were great as usual.

As far as the ships go, this book is a feast. The whole incest thing is cleared and Jace and Clary can finally be together. Alec makes his relationship with Magnus official and this book also marks the beginning of Sizzy. Despite the tragic events, the book ends on a happy note, but the question is: how long will it last?

I gave this book 4.5 out of 5; I cannot wait to see what happens next!

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