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Hello, everyone! As you can see, I`m blogging again and it feels great. I don`t have much of an introduction, and I don`t want to make a list of excuses. This year I did great in terms of reading but terrible in terms of blogging. It happens. I do have high hopes for 2017 because I want this blog to become my main blog so I will focus all my energy on it. I know it`s not as popular as Beauty Nerd, but somehow it feels closer to my heart. Anyway, let`s start the review:

"Eleanor and Park" is a book that will remind you of first love, in all its quirkiness and glory. It`s about two teenagers that apparently have nothing in common, but fit together perfectly. Eleanor is the new girl at school, and she is weird, with her big red hair and crazy clothes. Park is a quiet kid that wants nothing more than to be left alone. When they are somewhat forced to share the bus ride to school, they start to notice each other and realise they have a lot in common, like their interest in comics or rock music. Their relationship develops slowly, and it was nice to see a YA book without massive INSTA LOVE from the first chapter.

The characters are absolutely lovely, with a couple of exceptions. I know everyone loved Park, but I think the real star was Eleanor. Sometimes her actions made no sense, and she annoyed me a lot, but I believe she made the best of her situation. I love a YA book where parents are part of the story, and this one did not disappoint, with its realistic representations. Park`s parents were a delight, and I loved the fact that they were a mismatched pair, just like Eleanor and Park. On the opposite side, you have Eleanor`s parents, and I hated both of them. Then there`s siblings and school colleagues and even though they are not that present, they helped shape who Eleanor and Park are.

I don`t want to give away major spoilers, but there is one thing I have to mention. While this book is primarily about the joys and sorrows of first love, I also saw it as a heartbreaking story about abuse. You have Eleanor, who is afraid to let her guard down and show emotion. I hated her mother with a passion for not taking action, but in most cases abused women won`t do anything about it. It`s a shame, and it`s sad, but that`s the ugly truth.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars on Goodreads, and it`s definitely one of my favourite books of 2016. The ending was a bit frustrating, but it was fun guessing what might happen next. It did make me go a bit Hazel Grace, and I had to fight the impulse to stalk Rainbow Rowell, but in the end, I picked the ending that made me happy, and I was content with that.

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  1. I also felt sad about the ending. When I read the book, I was more like of a person who was surprised and reacted something 'And that's it?' Although, I've read Rainbow's note about them and I somehow understood it. Sometimes we just have to leave some characters like that and think of ideas what will happen next to them. I hope there will be a second book. I love Rainbow's writings and it never disappoints me. :)

    Augustin Ra / Indie Spirit