April Favourites

Hello, my favourite bookish people. I am currently on vacation and I`m feeling quite inspired, so starting this month there will be a few changes. First of all, instead of doing monthly wrap-ups, I will do regular favourites posts. There are months when I read a lot and half of the books are bad. And then there are months when I don`t read that much, but they`re all great books. So I`d rather talk about things that I love. This will include books, movies, TV shows and random s**t. I`m versatile like that. Also, I have recently joined the T5W group on Goodreads, so every Wednesday I will have posts on the selected topics. If you want to find out more, check the official page

Anyways, moving on to today`s post, I shall start with the books. I have read 6 books, but the one that stood out the most was "The Outsiders" by S.E. Hinton. Honestly, I don`t know why it took me so long to get to it because I have loved everything about it. It`s a brilliant coming of age story that deals with gang violence, injustice and family drama. It centres around The Greasers, a group of boys from a poor neighbourhood. Because of their modest living, they are always having conflicts with The Socs, rich kids who think they can do anything they want. While the plot is pretty straightforward, the novel shines in the characters department. Hinton managed to create a unique group of misfits, who you can`t help rooting for (Johnny Cade was too precious for this world)
The Outsiders S.E. Hinton

There`s also an amazing movie adaptation with Patrick Swayze, Matt Dillon and Tom Cruise  

Speaking of movies, there`s two I want to talk about. The first one is "Zootopia", which I recently watched with my brother. I thought it was a nice movie, with a positive message. It`s important to fight label and exclusion, so "Zootopia" touched some important topics in a funny manner. The second movie that I want to mention is "Full Metal Jacket" by Stanley Kubrick. I first saw this movie 10 years ago and I really liked it. But the second time around, I loved it. I saw the story with different eyes and I also had a better grasp of the story. Filled with haunting images of the war in Vietnam, it`s not an easy-going movie, but it`s definitely one everyone should watch.

And last, but not least, let`s talk about "Riverdale". I was actually surprised by how much I like this TV Show. Think of it as the baby of "Veronica Mars" and "Pretty Little Liars". You have your small town crime. Your teenage drama. But unlike PLL, the murder mystery feels realistic and everyone is a suspect, including the parents.  They have their own drama and they`re an active part of the overall story. If you need another reason to watch it: Luke Perry. Dylan McKay is one sexy DILF. (hate these abbreviations, but it`s the truth).

And there you have it, the things I`ve been loving past month. Hope you enjoy this format, I know I like it.

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