How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Hello, everyone! Today I thought we should talk about a very popular topic: the number of visitors your blog has. Before we dive in, I just want to clarify some things. First of all, I think that in order to be happy with your blog, you shouldn`t worry about statistics. Yes, take them into consideration so you can see what works and what doesn`t, but don`t stress out if you don`t get 10000 page views per day. Those 10 followers that interact with you constantly are more important than 1000 people who took a glimpse at your blog and left.

As you can see, for me the number of comments is more important than the number of visitors. But the thing is, sometimes you write a post that makes you very proud, and you wish more people would see it. Also, if you want to work with brands, they will ask about your unique number of visitors. Plus, a high number helps with SEO and domain authority, so as much as we like to ignore it, numbers speak for themselves. Now, I am no expert and my traffic is still poor compared to others (even compared to my old blog), but these 5 tips definitely helped me massively in the past.

Blogging Tips

1. Make The Best Of Social Media
In my first months of blogging, I used to write a post and wait for visitors to magically appear. Although I love posting there, I`ll admit that Instagram does little for me in terms of traffic. Twitter, on the other hand, is great. First of all, you can connect with like-minded people. There are also daily comment threads, where you get to engage with others. You comment on their posts, they comment on yours. Make sure you tweet about new and old content, and always tag the retweet accounts. That way you get a wider audience.

A platform that everyone seems to love it`s Pinterest and many say that they get thousands of views from there. Unlike the others, Pinterest is more of a visual search engine rather than a social media platform. That`s why your pins need to stand out, from the text you use to the keywords you`re including. I`m still learning about it myself, but I`ll talk more about this platform in the future.

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2. Have Catchy Titles
So this advice is based on my own preferences, therefore, I don`t know how good it is. But for me, a good title will definitely attract me. I think keywords like How-To, DIYs, Best or Worst, will have a bigger impact because they are more specific. Now, I have nothing against simple and straightforward titles, most of my reviews are like that. But I do try to mix it up a little.

Also, have relevant titles to your post! I know it sounds silly, but it`s a mistake I used to do as well. Especially when I was posting outfits on my other blog, I used to write song lyrics as titles. Sure, they sounded good, but I think more specific details might have worked better. That`s not to say you can`t still do that, especially if you have a fashion or lifestyle blog, but for reviews, you should try to be more accurate. 

3. Interact With Other People
I love leaving comments on blogs that I like. After all, sharing is caring. I don`t do it because I expect them to do the same, but to be honest, most of the times it`s exactly what happens. I know I do this. Whenever someone leaves me a nice comment, I always try to reply and visit their blog back. However, I don`t like the ''follow for a follow'' type of comments. It makes me think that you are here for yourself, not me. Leaving an appreciative comment relevant to the post only takes a few minutes, but it can do so much.

4. Make Your Blog SEO Friendly
This is something I became familiar with a few months ago, but again, it made such a difference. Before that, I had no idea my blog was not available for google search, how crazy is that? So that`s the first thing you need to check. After that, make sure you have a small, simple and relevant meta description, so Google knows what your blog is all about. Also, name your pictures and include keywords in the search description box. It sounds very simple and easy when you say, but the truth is blogging is not really quantum physics. Pinterest is full of posts about SEO, make sure you read those and implement the strategies of bigger bloggers.

5. Organise A Giveaway
This is a tricky one because 90% of the people probably won`t come back. But I also think you might find some great people, who came because of the giveaway, but choose to stay because they like your blog. And in the end, this is something that will boost your page views so much! When I first started my bookstagram account, I did two giveaways and they did wonders. Many people unfollowed, but a fair amount of them remained.

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  1. Interacting with people has been my favorite part of blogging. I’ve made some great blogger friends. Those connections are more rewarding than 10000 views by people who just glance at the blog and leave. I’m still pretty much clueless about SEO. I just do my thing and hope for the best.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. SEO is confusing AF! I mean, I know the basic, but implementing what I know is hard:))

  2. These are some great advices for beginners like me. I am still learning. Thank you!

    1. Glad I could help. To be honest I`ve been blogging for a couple of years and I`m still learning as well.