How To Overcome Bloggers Block

Most of you have noticed that I`m not the type of blogger that sticks to a schedule and routine. I do my best, but I have to balance a full-time job, time with my husband and friends, house chores. I like planning, but I know that some things can get in the way. Problems at work or health issues, you never know what might hit you. And other times, everything falls into its place, but you can`t find the right words. So you stare endlessly at a blank screen, waiting for a miracle to happen. Here`s what I like to do in moments like these:

1. Remember that it`s OK to take a break
For me, blogging is a hobby, so I know a break won`t do damage in the long run. But some people are full times bloggers and this is their life. Regardless of the situation, we all feel bad when we neglect our online space. But then again, if something happens and you have to take time off at work, why wouldn`t you do the same with your blog? We all have a personal life and that should be our main focus. If you struggle to write when you don`t feel like it, the content will be bad anyway. Better wait until you find inspiration and write something that makes you proud.

2. Take some time for yourself
Now that you don`t feel bad about taking a few days off, do something for yourself. Take a walk, watch a movie, do some shopping. Not only will you feel better, but you never know where you find inspiration. A shopping day can turn into a great haul post, a dinner with a friend can mean a lovely review, not to mention some killer Instagram photos.

3. Do something different
I don`t know if you`re aware of that, but I started as a beauty blogger. Then I did a couple of lifestyle posts and later on I found my true passion, writing about books. But inspiration hit again, and I wanted to share some blogging tips with you. So my advice is simple: reach out of your comfort zone and try something different. You might enjoy it and so would your readers. 

4. Keep a notebook for ideas
I am obsessed with stationery, so I have an endless supply of cute notebooks. Some I use to plan posts and others I use to write ideas for future posts. When I don`t know what to do next I take a notebook
and see what I thought would make an interesting post at that time. I always find something useful in there, so that`s definitely my emergency plan.

5. Change your blogging spot
This is a bit strange, but I noticed that sometimes blogging from home seems a bit dull. I try to write, can`t find my inspiration and 5 minutes later I`m on Netflix. When I feel I won`t be productive home I go to a little coffee shop next to my flat, order a big latte and get sh*t done. I don`t know why, but even though there`s noise and people, in a public place there are fewer distractions than at home.

There are so many tips on this situation, we could stay here for hours. But I wanted to share with you the ones that work for me, hoping that they will help. Let me know what you like to do when you can`t find inspiration, I always love trying something new.
How to overcome bloggers block

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