Book Review: "Truth or Dare" by Non Pratt

It feels like forever since my last book review and that`s a shame, cause I`ve read some fantastic novels this year. I don`t know if I lack motivation or I`m just afraid that I can`t bring anything new to the table. When everyone is talking about the same books, it`s hard to be original. What can I say that wasn`t already brought up? I`m so much in my head, that it`s stopping me from doing things. So you know what? I`m just gonna roll with it and talk about books, regardless of their popularity (or lack of). Because I`m a book blogger, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?
Truth or Dare Non Pratt

Anyways, I got "Truth or Dare" in my last Illumicrate and I was intrigued by the subject. But more than anything, I connected with the author`s note. At one point she says: 
"Any book written by one person can only really represent one way of looking at things and my way of looking at things may not match up with yours. This is why we need more writers, with more voices and different experiences - so that every reader finds a writer who can truly speak for them".

In this novel, Non Pratt tackles some heavy issues, like neuro-disability or public shaming. The story has a dual perspective and a diverse set of characters. And I know that sometimes when authors attempt to put so much into a book, it can backfire. But not Non. (sorry for the stupid pun, I run on coffee and bad jokes)

After an accident leaves his brother Kam disabled, Sef would do anything to help. So he decides to start a Youtube channel in order to raise money for his brother`s hospitalisation. But for that, he needs help from media savvy, Claire. Stepping out of their comfort zone, Sef and Claire take the identity of Dare Boy and Truth Girl, an unlikely duo that steals their fans` hearts. But the more they`re in the spotlight, the more they`re faced with some hard challenges.

The first part of the story is told from Claire`s perspective. She`s shy and sweet and reminds me a lot of myself in my teenage years. After a nip-slip video goes viral, Claire`s experiencing bullying from some of her classmates. As someone that was bullied in middle school, I could totally relate to her. Your confidence is shaken and you just want people to ignore you. But when she starts getting out of her shell, her personality shines through.

Sef is the second narrator and it was interesting seeing his point of view. The story becomes darker and it also gets to that point where you NEED to know what happens next. What`s interesting is that Sef was a very likeable character from Claire`s POV. Then you get to his side and you`re like: WHAT THE DAMN HELL? But as the story moves forward, he redeems himself. You feel for him and his pain gets real. Because he feels responsible for what happened with Kam, Sef blames himself and can`t face his big brother.

Like I said in the beginning, this book deals with some heavy issues. One of those is neurodisability and what that`s like. From Claire`s POV, we see how Kam learns to live with his condition and the progress he makes. Sef`s POV puts the spotlight on the family and how they adapt to this situation. I also loved that this book talked about issues like feminism and body image, without being too preachy. Calling people names and especially touching them without their permission should not be acceptable. Some people pass it up as jokes, but it is in fact harassment. 

The one reason that I have with this book is that the ending felt too abrupt. I knew that Sef had to see his brother, but I wanted more. He destroyed so many of his relationships, I needed some closure. I was also intrigued by Claire`s best friend, who was asexual. And it was a bit of a letdown that she was such a side character. 

Other than that, I loved everything about this book and I gave it 4 out 5 stars. The romance was nice and it did not seem forced. The characters had unique and defined personalities and they each experience personal growth. The take on Youtubers was honest and real. I wish more people would pick this book up, cause it was so goooooooooooood!


  1. We should just have a Wordless Wednesday or a Saturday Snapshot for book photos. Maybe there is one already? Anyway, your photo is lovely!

    1. Awww, thank you. I`m totally in for a Wordless Wednesday.

  2. I don't think I've heard of this one before but I'm intrigued to see hoe the author handles those issues. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I think it`s a recent release, but if it wasn`t for my Illumicrate I might have missed it too.

  3. I've not heard of this one! Sounds like one to look out for!