"How to be Parisian" or "How to be an Immature Bitch"?

When I was in high-school, I used to be somewhat of a book snob. But I`ve come a long way since then and now I can appreciate all sort of books, not just the classics. Some books are meant to look good and not be taken too seriously. I enjoy a good coffee table and I`m not ashamed to admit that. This book on the other hand, oh boy! I don`t regret picking it up because it will look good in my Instagram photos. But do I regret reading it?

There`s no denying that this is a beautiful book. Too bad that the content is shitty. On page 16 I was rolling my eyes so hard that I thought I will end up in another dimension. By the time I finished it, I was properly annoyed. So I checked Goodreads, to see if other people felt the same way. Some did. And other sounded like pretentious d-bags, claiming that this book is meant to be funny. If so, why wasn`t it advertised like that? I honestly thought that I would get tips on skincare and effortlessly chic fashion. A nonchalant attitude towards life. Instead, you get a guide on successful cheating. And driving like a lunatic, cause who cares about safety?

There are some witty passages inside, but it feels more like a self-congratulatory letter on being a bitch. And an immature one for that matter. Because who plays "I have never" once they`re not a teenager anymore? Who throws a dinner party and talks about sex and adultery? Please, even an episode of "Made in Chelsea" has better conversation topics.

In a lot of ways, this book contradicts the idea of a care free, French woman:
"Perhaps one day, later on, he will find out that she weighs herself every morning, but for now, he must believe that her figure is simply nature`s gift" (p.16)

What`s the demo for this book? I don`t get it. I thought that there would be some brilliant ideas about owning up who you are and not be afraid to show it. Cause lying on a first date is so mature! Again, if it`s meant to be sarcastic, the writing is off. Seems more neurotic than witty.

I also had a problem with the view on pregnancy. Heck, I don`t have kids and I`m not entirely sure that I want to. But I admire mums that would do anything for their children. I don`t think that I`m better if I focus on my career. But again, the tone of this book was condescending:
"In Paris, you won`t find many mater dolorosa, sacrificial women whose lives revolve around cooking shepherd`s pie for their numerous progeny. The Parisienne does not stop existing the day she has a child. She does not give up her somewhat adolescent lifestyle, her nights out with friends, her parties, or her mornings-after feeling worse for wear" (p.25)

I have so many issues with this sentence! First of all, who wants to remain an adolescent? I take pride that I`ve become a responsible and mature woman. I am so happy with the person that I`ve become, miles better than my high-school persona. Second of all, the whole idea is garbage. Nobody says that your life ends when you have a kid, but there are some changes. And most mothers that I know are happy with that. They don`t feel less fulfilled because they stay home with their "progeny". And before anyone attacks me, I don`t have anything against the mothers described either. Just as long as they are not portrayed as superior to the other group.

I could go on and one with things that I did not like, but you get the picture. Like I said earlier, if this book is meant to be a satire, it clearly missed the point. It came across as bitchy and pretentious. I gave this book 1 star and even that makes me angry.

P.S. I gave even  "GirlBoss" 3 stars, so you can imagine my discontent with this book. But hey, it will look pretty in pictures.


  1. I dont think half of the people buying the book actually read it to find out all of the things you just described. It is one of them books that simply look good in your makeup vanity desk or for flatlay photos. PASS!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

    1. Yes, I`ll probably use it as photo props once I get passed how much it annoyed me:))

  2. Oh dear. I've seen this book in bloggers photos loads but never had an idea what it was about. It doesn't sound great!

    Corinne x

    1. Total waste of time. But at least it will look pretty in pictures.

  3. I keep seeing this popping up, but I've heard no one talk about the actual contents and I can see why now! I'd be annoyed by the bit on pregnancy too, even though I'm not a mum. Just because someone takes care of their kids doesn't mean they've given up on caring for themselves or having fun!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  4. Hahaha. Loved ur review. I went to a book club reading once and one of the member was all praise about the book. When she started to read the passages from the book, few people started to give each other just awkward looks. I ended up being confused whether the book would let me explore a culture or would I end up being abhorred by it.

    Noor from Pakistan.