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You know those annoying FB comments that go something like these: Am I the only one that does not watch Game of Thrones? No, you`re not, but I don`t know why you expect a medal for that. Also, why comment if you don`t watch it? Like, get a life! I sometimes leave blog comments about books that I have not read, but only to mention if the review intrigued me or not. Like seriously, what`s the point of those comments?

Anyways, I watch Game of Thrones and I think it`s the best show out there. Don`t try to argue with me because I shall unleash my dragons on you. So when I saw this tag over on Claire Rousseau`s channel I knew I had to do it.

1. Arya - a character that`s all about revenge

We have the big players like Carrie or Heathcliff. But personally, I was quite fascinated by Amy Dunne from "Gone Girl". Nobody was a saint there, but Amy was a total nutjob.

2. Varys - a book featuring political intrigue
I have no mention one of my favourite books and you might have guessed it, I`m talking about "The Queen of the Tearling". Despite the confusing setting, it`s an amazing story full of magic and political intrigue, featuring a strong female lead.

3. Joffrey - a villain you love to hate

I will keep it in the family and mention his mother, Cersei. She`s cunning and deranged and I love her for that. My husband doesn`t really understand my fascination with her, but like Jon Snow, he knows nothing. I mean, I`m not saying that I want her to win. But she`s a cool villain to watch.

4. Jon Snow - a coming of age story
Coming of age stories are my drug, so it`s hard to choose one. But let`s go with "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." Because when I was reading it, it reminded me of how it is to be young.

5. Jaime and Cersei - a ship you just can`t get behind
Let me angry Cassandra Clare fans once again, why not? I love having angry mobs torching my house. I did have my fair share of negative things to say in the past, but this will be the worst. Why? Because I don`t like Tessa and Will together. And not just because I`m Jem`s biggest fan. But Tessa is the worst and she should have ended up sad and alone.

6. Lady Olenna - a kick-ass older character
Minerva McGonagall. Do I need to justify myself?

7. Dany - a book featuring dragons
Game of Thrones? I don`t know, I don`t read that much fantasy. I`m more of a contemporary/ urban fantasy person.

8. Sansa- a character you grew to love

I still don`t like Sansa, but details. Because I have upset some TMI/TID fans, let me make it up for it. While I did not care much for him at the beginning, I quite like Alec Lightwood now. The TV show helped as well, as I love how moody Matt portrays him. I`m moody all the time, and I can definitely relate with that.

9. Melisandre - favourite magic system
Let`s be predictable and go with Harry Potter. I know, I`m shameless. But shouldn`t blogging be all about honesty? And isn`t HP the most magical thing in the world?

10. Tyrion - a character whose weapon is their mind

Sherlock Holmes. Because without him girls wouldn`t be into brainiacs. 

Like always, I hope you`ve enjoyed this post. If you like this tag, then feel free to do it, just remember to tag the creator.


  1. I love GoT! But I don’t like Sansa. I agree that McGonagall is a kick ass older character. She’s probably one of my favorite characters of all time.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Yeah, I still don`t like Sansa either and it`s been years since she was an annoying brat.

  2. What a fun tag! I'm right there with you on Minvera McGonagall for number 6. Love her!

  3. Am I the only one who doesnt watch GOT at all? lol am I missing out? haha
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Fun tag! I completely agree with Sherlock and McConagall! Love them both so much! Have a great week and happy reading!

  5. I am definitely do this tag in the future. I recently discovered GoT and I am so in love with the show! Yes, I binge watched so now I am up to date with the new episodes. Guilty as charged. :D

    1. I know the feeling, I had a binge-watching session when I discovered it as well:))

  6. A Game of Thrones book tag? Yes please ha ha! I so need to read Gone Girl and you just reminded me of that. And Cersei? She's awesome (in a bad way)!!

  7. I enjoyed this post so much I want to do something like this too. But, I have a question. Is it what the characters mean to you or that is a general description one must abide by? :D