TTT: Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read in 2017

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Can you believe it`s 2018? I seriously have no idea where 2017 went. But rather than focusing on all the things I did not accomplish in the last year, I want to think about new beginnings. New goals and hopefully, better decisions. And hey, new books to read. Whilst my TBR is out of control, I have set my Goodreads challenge to 12 books, meaning 1 book per month. Obviously, I will read more than that. But I want quality over quantity. And there are some pretty lengthy books on my list, with more than 600 pages. And that requires time and energy.

Like always, I digress from the matter at hand. Today I`m supposed to talk about the new authors I discovered in 2017 and in that department, I was very lucky. I fell in love with so many phenomenal writers and so many of their works have become instant favourites. So without any further ado, let`s get down to business.

1/2 Patrick Ness and Adam Silvera
It`s very hard to choose between these phenomenal writers. Ness can write anything from contemporary to dystopia and magical realism. Silvera is the master of heartbreaking contemporaries.
"Shadow and Bone" Leigh Bardugo

3. Leigh Bardugo
My first Leigh Bardugo novel was actually "Wonder Woman: Warbringer", which I loved. And then I discovered the Grisha Universe, and totally fell in love with that world and its characters (not Mal, cause he sucks, but everyone else is great). It`s not often that I sympathize with a sociopath, but Leigh Bardugo made the Darkling such a complex character that you could not help root for him, even a tiny bit.

4. Lainy Taylor
I did not know what to expect when I picked up "Daughter of Smoke and Bone". I mean, I`ve heard stories like that a million times before. But Laini Taylor can take even the most common YA trope and give it a spin of her own. And her writing style is absolutely superb.

5. Agatha Christie
I don`t know what else to say, other than this woman can write the most complex murder mysteries. Her attention to details is exquisite and even though I`m good at picking up clues, I`m always shocked by her revelations. I still get chills when I think about the ending of "Murder On The Orient Express".

6. Becky Albertalli
If you want a fluffy YA contemporary that will make you feel all good and warm inside, you need to pick up one of Becky`s books. Her writing style is pretty straightforward, but the magic consists of her lovable characters.

7. Gabriella Lepore
I consider Gabriella Lepore one of my guilty pleasure authors. Granted, her writing style is not as mesmerizing as Laini Taylor`s or Leigh Bardugo`s. But she writes fun and entertaining books about witches. And sometimes you just want an easy book, that will make you relax.

8. Markus Zusak
I`ve only read "The Book Thief" by him, so I don`t know if I`m cheating or not. But the writing style in that book was superb, and making Death the narrator was such an original idea. Definitely worthy of a spot on this list.

9. Sandhya Menon
Just like Becky Albertalli, Sandhya Menon is the perfect author if you`re looking for a cute YA romance. Next year she`ll release another meet-cute story and I`m all down for that.

10. Maggie Stiefvater
Funny thing: I did not enjoy "All The Crooked Saints" as much as I thought I will. But I did enjoy Maggie`s writing, and it was enough to leave me wanting for more. This year I want to pick up "The Raven Boys" and I really hope the books will live up to their hype.

What authors did you discover in 2017? Were any of these on your list?


  1. Great list! I've done the same as you this year and set my Goodreads goal at 12 so I can focus on reading good books rather than trying to read lots of books. I love Becky Albertalli and Leigh Bardugo is someone whose novels I still need to read - I have a copy of Six of Crows on my shelf so hopefully I'll get to it sooner rather than later!

  2. I still have not read anything by Leigh Bardugo, but I will be changing that in 2018!

  3. Leigh Bardugo is such a talanted writer! I loved her grisha series and six of crows. Still need to read Crooked Kingdom. Great list!!!

  4. Leigh Bardugo and Laini Taylor were both new to me in 2017 as well. I love Maggie Stiefvater and The Book Thief is one of my favourite books!
    My TTT:

  5. I haven't read any of these, but you've given me some interesting stuff to look up. Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  6. So many of these authors are on my TBR list. I love Adam Silvera! He’s one of my favorites. I really need to read a Laini Taylor book because she’s on a lot of lists today.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  7. Leigh Bardugo is STILL on my list of authors to discover. Same goes for Sandhya Menon, and Agatha Christie too. Though I've not read anything by Gabriella Lepore, I have heard good things about her too - all great authors for me to finally discover in 2018! :)

  8. Becky Albertalli is amazing!! I still need to get to Adam Silvera though I own all of his books!

  9. Patrick Ness is one of my favourite authors. Everything he writes is one of a kind, yet they're all connected by this tone that is so individually him. Adam Silvera also made my list this week. 10/10 would have my heart broken by one of his books again. Laini Taylor also made my list. I totally agree that her writing can make any overused idea have it's own fresh and new magical essence. Leigh Bardugo is another favourite author I adore, and I've loved seeing her writerly brilliance grow with every book she publishes. Maggie Stiefvater is also a author love of mine. Her books are a bit hit-or-miss for me, but I hope you enjoy The Raven Cycle. Becky Albertalli writes the cutest stories and I'm glad you discovered her, and although I've only read 1 book by Agatha Christie and Markus Zusak I would gladly read a hundred more.
    Splendid list!