TTT: Books I`m No Longer Interested In Reading

Hello, everyone and welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday* Post. Today`s topic is about books or even series you`re no longer interested in reading. I think that I speak for everyone when I say that one of our biggest talents is compiling infinite TBR lists. For every book that we`ve read we add 5 more just so we can have options. The problem is that sometimes our preferences change. Or we`re excited about something and then we find out it sucks. And the most common case: once we have the precious, shiny book into our hands, we realise we hate it. To use a powerful quote: "Ain`t nobody got time for that". Here are 10 books I`m no longer interested in reading.

1. "Vampire Academy" by Richelle Mead
I know that so many of you love this series, but from what I`ve heard, it`s not for me. I`m not into YA paranormal books anymore, especially the ones that focus so much on romance. #Sorrynotsorry

2. "Bloodlines" by Richelle Mead
If I`m not going to read the original series I don`t see the point in reading the companion novel. Then again, I own the first two books so I might change my mind on this one.

3. "Paper Towns" by John Green
"The Fault In Our Stars" will probably remain my favourite YA contemporary of all time. And although I like John Green as a person, I couldn`t connect with his other books. I tried reading this novel two times and I could not finish it, so it`s time to unhaul it and move one.

4. "Delirium" by Lauren Oliver
Dystopia is one of my favourite genres, and a while ago I made a list of the most popular dystopian series I want to read. But I soon realised that I hate books that focus too much on romance, so I had to abandon a ridiculously amount of series. Including this one.

5. "Shatter Me" by Tahereh Mafi
This is going to hurt! I`m already preparing myself for the hate comments. I`m not saying in any way that this is a bad series. But from what I can tell, I won`t enjoy this series. A lot of people with similar tastes to mine gave this book 1/2 stars, so I decided I`m not wasting my time.

6. "Illuminae" by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
Sci-Fi is not my jam and it never will be. I tried, but I just can`t get into it. When I first saw the format I was intrigued by this novel, but since I don`t like the genre I`m not going to force myself to read something just because it`s popular. 

7. "North and South" by Elizabeth Gaskell
I love classics, but Victorian literature (except Dickens) is not for me. I`m sure that this novel is worth its praise and more, but the subject bores me. 

8. "And I Darken" by Kiersten White
Most Romanians that have read this book hated it, based on the lack of research and historical inaccuracies. Brandusa, Alexandra and teavious make some excellent points to support my concerns. I just think that it`s silly that people we`re even bothered to check how Romanians feel about this book. I get it: we`re a minor country and nobody gives a shit about us, but at least don`t praise this book for its research when you know little to nothing about Romania. (rant over)

9. "Obsidian" by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Yo` girl does not like romance. And although Damon, I mean Daemon *cough cough* sounds hot, I am positive I`ll hate this series. And there`s always Youtube for those moments when I need hot guys...seriously, there are a couple of clips with only Damon and Klaus, pure gold!

10. "The Selection" by Kiera Cass
I wanted to read this series because the covers were cute. But then I read some reviews, and I realised that America is one of the most annoying characters in the history of YA. And if I invest my time in a YA series it better blow me away (or have a Darkling in there somewhere).

I still have a couple of series that I`m on the fence with, like "The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer" and "The Lunar Chronicles". Slowly, I`m losing my love for YA and I don`t know if it`s temporarily or not, but I am more selective with what I read. If you know any fantasy books that are not that focused on romance, please let me know, as that seems to be my biggest pet peeve with the genre.

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  1. I want to try to read more John Green this year, but you may be right: perhaps Fault will be the only JG book I love.

    Here’s my list:

  2. I always read the reviews before starting a new book or series so I can find out both the negative and positive things people say about it. It's so interesting to read the various perspectives out there. Like you, I've been turned away from reading certain books because of the reviews...but I've also been convinced to try other books!

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  3. I would keep The Lunar Chronicles, at least for a little while longer! It's such a good series, and I'm very hard on YA!

  4. I did finish Vampire Academy but I'm also not into YA paranormal anymore so I highly doubt I'll ever get around to Bloodlines.

    Shatter Me was bad. Don't listen to people. lol

    I super understand losing the love for YA. I don't know if it's me getting older, or simply the YA being published is lacking originality or quality. Or maybe I'm picking up the wrong ones.

  5. The only book or series you mention that I recommend is the Lunar Chronicles. I was reluctant to pick it up because the first cover is kind of ridiculous and it sounded too fluffy, but it's actually really good. For the others, I totally support your lack of interest, and I actually love that you have great disdain for the lack of research on Romania in And I Darken.

  6. I didn't enjoy Paper Towns at all. I kind of think that John Green is a little overrated.

  7. I agree with Paper Towns. I tried to read it and I didn't even really like the movie.
    The selection is one of my favorite series though.
    I agree with a lot of the books on this list actually..
    Great list!
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  8. Great list! Vampire Academy almost made my list this week, too, but something made me keep it there - I'm not usually into YA paranormal romance either, but every now and then I devour one and it helps get me out a of a slump. I really enjoyed Delirium but I think Oliver should have left it as a standalone, I hated Pandemonium and Requiem, and you're not alone when it comes to Shatter Me - I have absolutely no interest in picking that book up. I do recommend The Lunar Chronicles if you're ever in the mood for a fairy tale retelling, though!

  9. Ain't nobody got time for that... I so agree!
    I read Paper Towns but didn't really enjoy it so you're not missing out! I would give The Lunar Chronicles a try though - I was really skeptical about it at first but it ended up one of my favorites :)
    And I Darken has been on my TBR for a while, but I didn't know there were so many inaccuracies so I'm sorry about that. I'll keep it in mind in case I do decide to read it.

  10. Also not interested in reading Vampire Academy and And I Darken :/ I really loved The Selection though!

  11. I am one of the bloggers who really disliked Shatter Me. I remember the instalove and that I rolled my eyes way too much trying to get through it. Good idea to skip it.

  12. I haven’t read any of these. But yes, I wanted to read Selection series and Illuminae. I am not sure though when that time will come :P
    And surprisingly enough, I have seen Selection on almost everyone's list today so now I am wondering is it even worth keeping on my TBR?

    My TTT:

  13. I did like Vampire Academy and Bloodlines quite a bit but I agree with you on Shatter Me. Not a bad series but not for me. The Selection, I feel, is more made for the younger crowd so it makes sense that America would be a bit less mature. That being said, The Selection still made it on to my Top Ten Tuesday

    Lunar Chronicles is worth a try. It was very odd in a charming way.

  14. I very much wanted to read Illuminae as well, but it's just gotten further and further away from me. John Green is another author in general I am okay with not reading. possibly bc of the hype around him, not sure.

  15. I've not read any of John Green's books, and I'm not sure that I will.
    I liked North and South when I read it, but it's been forever ago.

  16. I've not a vampire fangirl, so reading the Vampire Academy (or its spin off series) is not something I plan on ever doing. Don't see myself ever reading Paper Towns either (after seeing the film), though I *may* still try Delirium. Who knows! :)

    Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland.