TTT: My favourite Shadowhunters

I`m sure it`s no secret that I have a complicated relationship with Cassandra Clare`s books. I rant about how much I hate her self-entitled, Mary Sue main characters all the time (here`s proof). Then why do I continue reading her books? Because I like the world, and I love some of her characters. And since today`s TTT theme is "characters I liked that were in disliked books", I wanted to do something nice. And mention some of my favourite characters from the Shadowhunters world. Now I know it`s shocking, but the whiny Tessa and Clary won`t be here. Neither will the brooding jerks with a terrible past (that acts as an excuse to be a terrible human being).

Jem Carstairs
Jem is so precious and sweet! He`s a complete gentleman, with refined tastes (besides falling for Tessa, but oh well). He`s compassionate and always sees the best in people. I just love him!

Magnus Bane
Bane the Bae! I am cheating a bit on this one. I mean, I like him in the books. But I adore him in the TV show. Harry Shum Jr. was born to play this role! Magnus Bane is funny, charistmatic...and oh so glamorous!

Simon Lewis
Simon is such a nerd, you can`t help falling in love with him! He`s sarcastic remarks are pure gold.

Isabelle Lightwood
Izzy is such a fierce character! She`s incredibly loyal and would do anything to protect those she loves. Again, I prefer the TV version, but she was cool in the books as well.

Luke Garroway
Luke is the father figure we all need. I also thought it was very sweet that he loved, and waited to be with Jocelyn for such a long time.

Charlotte Branwell
The feminist in me was so happy with Charlotte. She was a woman ahead of her times and proved that she can do a man`s job. She was also sweet and caring.

Henry Branwell
I couldn`t help cracking every time Henry was around. He was this funny and albeit weird inventor, that was so lost in the real world. Bless him!

I would like to give a quick shout out to Alec and Raphael, the TV versions. At the time I`m writing this post, I`ve only read "Clockwork Angel" and the first three books in the TMI series. I`m sure I will continue with The Mortal Instruments because I really like the TV show. It`s not by any means a masterpiece, but it`s entertaining. And Malec have the best relationship! I`m not sure I`ll continue with The Infernal Devices, cause I have a feeling they`ll kill my precious just so they can put those two self-absorbed idiots together. But we`ll see. I also want to give "Lady Midnight" a chance because I`ve heard it`s different. But if I meet one more Mary Sue character, I`m done!

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  1. Nice twist on today's list. But I haven't read this series or any work of Cassandra Clare so can't give my input here :)

    1. I don`t know if you`re really missing out, to be honest. Her series are fun, but I wouldn`t call them great.

  2. I bought the first book in this series back when it first released and yet, I never got around to reading it. I'm at a point where I'm afraid I might not ever now! Hahaha. It is great that you could find enjoyable characters in among the awful ones.

    Here is out <a href=">Top Ten Tuesday.</a> Thanks!

    1. I think these books are more enjoyable when you`re still a teen. When you`re older, you start noticing its flaws

  3. Ha ha some books we have a love/ hate relationship with! Looks like a fun series even with the issues. :)

    1. It`s fun, just the main characters suck:))

  4. Ha ha ha. I know Clare books are a trove for rant posts! :D But I love what you've done here too! I enjoy the Shadowhunter books too although a couple of TMI lost me (4&5 I think were tough for me).

    Jem is AMAZING. He's such a great character isn't he! And Bane!??? Ahhhhh. I haven't seen the TV show but I LOVE Magnus.

    Simon, YES! Izzy, YES!!!

    I really loved The Infernal Devices more than TMI and I did enjoy Lady Midnight... I want to re-read TID and then get back into it so I can finally read Lord of Shadows!

    Great post. :)

  5. I haven't read any of Cassandra Clare's books, and I'm not sure if they'd really interest me, but I do like the twist you put on the topic :)

    - louise

  6. I haven't read these books - nor do I see myself ever reading them just because I'm not really "into" the world, but in the film and TV show (or what I saw of it), I did like Simon. He's such a good character! :)

    Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland.

  7. Amazing post, and I can only wholeheartedly agree :) Especially on Jem and Magnus. They are the best <3 I did not enjoy the last 3 books in the Mortal Instruments series, but I did LOVE The Infernal Devices and ADORED Lady Midnight, so I hope you'll love them as well if you decide to pick them up!