TTT: New Book Releases and Impossible to get ARCs

I`m probably misleading you with this title, as some of you are lucky enough to have the ARCs for these books. And believe it or not, I`m happy for you. Sadly, I`m a small blogger and I`m not that lucky (yet). I know there`s the option of NetGalley, but I always forget to review the books there...
and I have a low rating. Hey ho, that`s life. Here are my most exciting 2018 mid-year releases:

1. "King of Scars" by Leigh Bardugo
If anyone has an ARC, I`ll hunt you down and rob you. I`ll be quick, and I`ll probably leave chocolates on your pillows, but I`ll steal this precious baby. Because I adore Nikolai and I need his witty remarks like I need air or coffee.

2. "What If It`s Us" by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera
A collab between two of my favourite YA contemporary authors, this book will take the world by storm. Will it be hilarious (Becky) or will it be heartbreaking (Adam)? Who knows? I just need it in my life!

3. "My Plain Jane" (The Lady Janies)
I recently read "My Lady Jane", and it was so much fun! "My Plain Jane" is a Jane Eyre retelling, and although I haven`t read the classics yet (shameeeeeeeee), I`m positive I`ll love the quirky story. The Goodreads synopsis is hilarious, so I`m pretty pumped for this novel.

4. "The Winds of Winter" by George R.R. Martin
At this rate, I`ll probably die before I can read this book. Sorry for the morbid joke, but enough is enough.

5. "Semper Augustus" by Mackenzi Lee
A historical fiction featuring queer female characters, written by the brilliant Mackenzi Lee? Which is also set in 1637 Holland? Count me in! I expect sarcastic characters, crazy scenarios and a swoon-worthy romance.

6. "Kingdom of Back" by Marie Lu
A historical fiction novel based on the childhood of Mozart and his sister? What is this sorcery? I have only read "Batman: Nightwalker" by Marie Lu, which is not her best work, but I am willing to give this author another chance.

7. "The Blood of Stars" by Elizabeth Lim
This book is pitched as Project Runaway meets "The Wrath and the Dawn", and I`m intrigued. It might be trashy or incredibly good, who knows? The Goodreads synopsis sounds good, but I have not read that many reviews so far.

8. "Sea Witch" by Sarah Henning
This is retelling that centres on the Sea Witch from "The Little Mermaids", and the events that made her into a villain. I love retellings, especially the ones that focus on villains, so I`m very excited to read this book.

9. "The Supervillain and Me" by Danielle Banas
As I just mentioned, I prefer a complex villain over a plain hero. Though, I`ll admit that the Goodreads blurb confused me a bit. Does it focus on the villain or the hero? I guess I`ll have to wait and see.

P.S. Whoever has an ARC please let me know

10. "A Thousand Beginnings and Endings" edited by Ellen Oh
Anthologies are a bit of a hit and miss; I might love a couple stories and hate the others, so I`m always confused when it comes to rating the book. But these anthology features stories by Renee Ahdieh, Cindy Pon and Melissa de la Cruz amongst others, so I have high hopes for it.

Let me know in the comments what ARCs you`d love to receive. And whoever has that Leigh Bardugo ARC, don`t forget to leave me your address. So I can bring you the chocolates, obviously.

* TTT is a weekly meme/ feature hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.


  1. King of Scars! I NEED IT NOW TOO! I mean, how could anyone not need more Nikolai Lantsov in their life?
    And What If It's Us! My expectations are already sky-high for a book written by TWO of my fave authors <3

  2. I am not a fan of the online places you can get ARCs either. I do better if I have a real book in my hand.

  3. I feel your pain. Being not a big enough book blogger yet, it's hard to get ARCs and review copies for my favourite authors at times too.

    But, all the best.

  4. Oh man, The Winds of Winter - I'm losing hope we will ever actually see that book! I'm also looking forward to My Plain Jane, although I haven't read My Lady Jane yet, but Jane Eyre is a favorite of mine.

  5. My Plain Jane and Sea Witch sound good! Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

  6. I don't read ebooks, I prefer print-AND I am also a small blogger, so I understand. I wish you luck in your search and hope you find them all!!

  7. I don't have ARCs for any of these (I clicked through so I could send you some if I had them), but have you tried just emailing the publishers / PR companies that are working on the books and asking for them? I find they generally send them to me when I do that (and I'm pretty sure your blog has more readers than mine!)