Why I rarely re-read books

I`m not much of a re-reader, truth be told. I like to go back to Harry Potter every now and then, cause that`s comfort for the soul. When everything goes wrong in your life, it`s easier to blame it on the postman who lost your Hogwarts letter. Another book that I like to pick up often is "To Kill a Mockingbird". And no masterpiece messes with me more than "The Idiot" by Dostoyevsky. Every time I re-read, I notice something new. But other than that, it`s all quiet on the re-reading front. Not because I`m lazy, I actually have some decent excuses.

1. So many books out thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I get a panic attack every time I look at the fantasy section in Waterstones, let alone think of all the books in the world. Ancient literature, classics, modern classics, contemporary. Fantasy, Biography, Non- Fiction, Poetry, Sci-fi, etc. English or translated fiction. All these books are out to get you and prove you`re a dilettante. 

For instance, I adore Russian literature. And yet I`ve not read "War and Peace" or "Anna Karenina". I`m such a fraud. I`m sure I`ll pick them up at one point, but it will be a struggle to finish them, let alone re-read them. 

2. New Releases
On top of all the books that already exist, authors are out to get us too, with all those magical new releases. And again, think of the genre. Let`s say there are 30-50 YA releases monthly. You might be interested in 10. But then there`s non-fiction or literary fiction. Everything adds up, and you don`t have a social life anymore.

3. I read it to sound smart
This is the moment when classics make a grand entrance. Along with some scientific books that I probably did not understand, but I did not want to be the Penny of the bookish community. There are some classic authors that I adore, like Charles Dickens. He knows how to create drama, and make me feel bad for the privilege of eating Ferrero Rocher, whilst those orphans are struggling. On the other hand, I find Jane Austen`s novels so boring! I`m not denying their value, but there`s more to life than a good marriage. And yes, I know those were the times - but give me some real, emotional conflict. Chances are I`ll never re-read anything by Jane Austen, and I`m fine with that.

4. It hurts too much
Most of the books I read tend to be heartbreaking and soul-searching. First example: I cried like a baby after finishing "A Monster Calls". The same thing happened with "History is All You Left Me" or "The Fault In Our Stars". Those are three of my favourite books, but chances are I won`t pick them up again. As I`m starting to see my first wrinkles, I can't afford puffy and red eyes on top of that.

5. I forget?
I have terrible time management skills and a bad memory. Sometimes I say I`ll re-read a book, and then I completely forget about it. I don`t know if it`s because the book is hiding behind other books, or I`m just getting older, but it happens.

Do you like to re-read books? If not, what are your excuses?


  1. I used to reread constantly, but then I discovered the bookish internet, and now my shelves are jammed with more books than I can keep up with. I still try to reread a few every year, but I feel guilty when I do it.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I actually love to reread, but like AJ, since I started blogging, I don't have as much time for it. My TBR used to be a really short list and I didn't have a big personal library (and I didn't go to my local library), so I would just reread the same books all the time. But now, my TBR is huge and I want to read everything so I can talk about it on my blog.

  3. I mostly don't re-read books either because there are so many unread books (especially ones I own oops) that I need to read. I think I probably reread about 2ish books a year. Movies are being made of two of my fav books this year so I'm planning to reread them before seeing the movie!

  4. I like the whole anticipation of knowing what's gonna happen next, so I dont re-read books (nor watch movies more than once).
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  5. I love rereading good books... I know there are so many amazing books out there to read, but I do love to reread series when a new one is coming out - especially if I love the series! I feel like it foes it justice more so than just picking things up and not remembering each detail. I almost always find something that I missed on the first or second reads too! Maybe it's just the way I read, but there's also something to be said for the omniscience that comes from knowing what will happen in later books!

    I think there are definite pros and cons each way.... Great post!