8 Books I`ve Removed From My TBR

I have a weird relationship with Goodreads. I sometimes forget to check it for weeks, but then when I log in, I add between 20 to 30 books on my TBR. I get so excited looking at new releases or books other people are reading, I sometimes forget not all books are for me. It would be useless to pick romance books when I dislike the genre. No matter the hype, I can`t get into Sci-Fi books. I`d like to think that this year taught me more about my reading preferences, and with that in mind, I did a little TBR purge. There are still over 200 books on my "To Read" list but believe me when I say that the situation used to be far worse.

1." Catwoman: Soulstealer" by Sarah J. Maas
Deep down I`m a DC girl, and Catwoman is my favourite character. I was concerned when I saw that Maas will write her story, and it turns out my fears were real. Selina Kyle is turned into a weak character, and obviously, there`s a forced romance. Not even with Batman, which makes it worse, cause Catwoman and Batman are my OTP. No thanks!

2/3. "Armada" and "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline
Like we established earlier, sci-fi isn`t really my cup of tea. I know that many people rave about "Ready Player One" and the premise sounds interesting, but if I were to choose, I`d go with a fantasy book. I am sure that Ernest Cline is a talented writer, just not for me.

4. "From Twinkle, With Love" by Sandhya Menon
I really enjoyed "When Dimple Met Rishi", despite it not being the most innovative novel out there. But it was fun, and the dynamic between the characters was entertaining. But from the reviews I`ve seen, this book is more childish, and Twinkle is very unlikeable.

5. "Made You Up" by Francesca Zappia
Although I`m not that interested in YA contemporary anymore, I still like to pick books that deal with heavy subjects. I had high hopes for this novel, based on its rating. But then I came across reviews from people with schizophrenia and psychologists, and it turns out the portrayal of mental illness is very problematic.

6. "A Date With Darcy" by Tiffany Schmidt
I added this book on my TBR soon after I saw "Pride and Prejudice", cause the title seemed like an awesome idea at that time. Who wouldn`t go on a date with Mr Darcy? But then I looked at the plot and saw that it`s YA, featuring an annoying protagonist. And I`m not in the mood for irritating teenagers, I see enough of them at work.

7. "After You" by Jojo Moyes
Surprisingly, I really enjoyed "Me Before You", even if it`s not a genre I`m a fan of. Many moons ago, the idea of reading the sequel sounded like a good idea. But then I changed my mind because it will be another romance book, without the unique plot of the first book. Also, no Will, so what would be the point?

8. "The Princess Saves Herself In This One" by Amanda Lovelace
I was very excited about a poetry collection with strong feminist undertones. But after reading "Milk and Honey" by Rupi Kaur, I realize that this format is not for me. I`m old-school...and these type of Tumblr poetic quotes are not for me.

I must admit, it felt so good getting rid of some books on my evergrowing "To Read" list. I have so many backlist titles, and there are so many new releases I want to get to. But I must be strict, cause too many books will give me reader anxiety, which will end up in a reading slump. And I`ve had enough of those this year.


  1. I loved Me Before You and I really don't want to read After You - I don't want the magic of the original to be ruined by a lackluster sequel!

    1. That`s what I thought. The first story was so special, the sequel would be just a typical romance.

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  3. I need to go through my to-read list on Goodreads and delete some books. It's getting out of control. I think at one point I was a little interested in Ready Player One, but sci-fi isn't really my thing and I have a feeling it won't be for me.

  4. I love Menon's books. I didn't like Twinkle was much as WDMR, but I still enjoyed it. I love Lou and read all three of her books. Moyes did such a good job taking us on Lou's journey, and I was really happy with how it all ended.