TTT: Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2020

It feels like forever since I`ve done a post for Top Ten Tuesday. Well, it`s been a while since I`ve been blogging properly, but that`s a different thing. Today`s topic is about our most anticipated book releases of 2020, and I have so many that I`m excited about. I`m hoping that this year will be better in terms of reading, and these upcoming novels can only give me hope. So without any further ado, let`s have a look at my list.

1. "A Heart So Fierce And Broken" by Brigid Kemmerer
I loved "A Curse So Dark And Lonely" last year, and I can`t wait to read the sequel. From what I can tell the story will focus more on Grey, who was my favourite character. Without giving too much away, he might take his place as the rightful heir...and I`m down for that. Sorry, Rhen!

2. "Blood Countess" by Lana Popovic
A historical YA horror novel focused on Countess Elizabeth Bathory. I am quite interested to see how this one will turn out, especially since Kiersten White kinda butchered Romanian history in The Conqueror's Saga. I am hoping it will be good, but I also have my doubts since sometimes authors ditch historical accuracy for dramatic effect.

3. "Woven In Moonlight" by Isabel Ibanez
A fantasy book which draws inspiration from Bolivian politics and history. Lately, I feel that many fantasy novels have strong political themes, and I`m so happy about that. I love all the scheming and court intrigue. Side note: that cover is gorgeous! *hyperventilates in pretty*

4. "Dark And Deepest Red" by Anna-Marie McLemore
For whatever reason, I feel that January is the month when we always get the most interesting releases. This book is a retelling Hans Christian Andersen`s "The Red Shoes", a story I`m not familiar with, but which has an awesome premise. I`ve heard amazing things about McLemore`s writing, so I`m hoping I`ll love this book.

5. "American Dirt" by Jeanine Cummins
This book is hailed as the next "Grapes of Wrath" and I`m intrigued. I`m also partial to the fact that the main character runs a bookstore. There are also some drug lords involved, so I`m guessing this is the bookish version of "Narcos"?

6. "The Other Mrs." by Mary Kubica
I don`t know why you`d move your family to a small town in Maine, haven`t you read any Stephen King? Anyway, all jokes aside, I`ve heard great things about Kubica`s writing, and I`m trying to read more mystery novels, so can`t wait to pick this novel up.

7. "Frozen Beauty" by Lexa Hillyer
I don`t read many thrillers, especially YA, but this one has such a compelling plot. It seems to focus a lot on family, and I have a feeling that the big reveal will be painful. I don`t know why, it just looks like the book will go back and forth, and it will give us a chance to connect better with the characters.

8. "My Dark Vanessa" by Kate Elizabeth Russell
A book much needed in the #metoo era, which seems to address the subject of grooming. Cause in no way a 15-year-old is mature enough to start a relationship with her 42-year-old teacher. Or at least I`m hoping this book won`t do that, cause this is not Pretty Little Liars and Ezra was a hot 25-year-old.

9. "Sharks in the Time of Saviors" by Kawai Strong Washburn
It`s always tricky to talk about the plot in magical realism books. Basically, a boy falls in the ocean, and instead of attacking him, sharks deliver him safely to his mother. This is seen as a favour from the Gods, but as time will pass, the family will fall on hard times.

10. "Time of Our Lives" by Emily Wibberley
I`m reading the "To All The Boys I`ve Loved Before" trilogy and I`m on a YA contemporary kick. This looks like a cute and meaningful romance between a boy whose mum suffers from Alzheimer and a girl from an overcrowded/very involved family. Oh, the feels, the drama!

There you have it, my most anticipated releases for the first half of 2020. Let me know if any of these titles were on your list as well.

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  1. Great list! Dark and Deepest Red made my list this week, too, and I really need to give A Curse So Dark and Lonely a try.