TTT: My favourite book characters

Today`s Top Ten Tuesday is a freebie, and I wanted to share with you some of my favourite book characters. I think this was a topic in the past, but I`ve missed it. I never realised how much of a stan I am until I have started looking at the reasons why I love certain books. And it all comes down to the characters. For instance, I know the Grisha trilogy isn't perfect, but I love it because of the characters (not you Mal). So without any further ado, let's take a look at my faves.

1. Peeta from "The Hunger Games" 
Although I love bad boys, deep down I prefer softies. The fact that Peeta went through all that shit and still managed to be a good person blows my mind. He's my BAE because he reminds me so much of my husband. Good, kind, reliable. (no, I am not describing a dog) 

2. Nina from "Six of Crows" 
My waffle queen! Nina is everything you want in a female character. Confident, strong, funny, unapologetic... The list could go on and on. 
Six of Crows

I know, I know...he is a villain. And I am not here to bring excuses. He is not a good person, but he's also not a one-dimensional villain. If you read the short story, you'll understand his motivations better. At one point, I strongly believe that he wanted to do the right thing. He became a bad guy in the process, I can admit. But sometimes you need a delicious villain to keep the story entertaining. 

4. Nikolai from the Grishaverse
How can I be a Nikolai and Darkling stan you ask? It's not easy. Deep down though, I love Nikolai more because he is a good person/leader. He is also one of the wittiest characters I have come across. 

5. Sara from "The Little Princess" 
She was my favourite characters growing up, and I can't wait for my daughter to be old enough to read the book. 

6. Hermione 
The character that taught us that it's OK to be a strong-opinionated girl. I am not saying she's perfect but pretty close. Hermione was a character that influenced several generations of young girls. 

7. Victor Vale from "Villains" 
"Villains" is one of my favourite series because of Victor. The way he takes care of his chosen family... * chef's kiss* I don't know if he's considered an anti-hero, but for me, he is one. His actions were always justified, well... Most of them. OK, a few of them. Like I said, the way he takes care of his family is what landed him a spot on this list. 

8. Amani from "Rebel of The Sands
Another confident girl, that doesn't take bullshit from anyone. As you can see, I have a type. I read the first book a while back and I don't remember much, but I know she was an instant favourite. 

9. John Ambrose Deserved Better McClaren
No words needed, I need a series where he finds a girl that deserves him. I always stated that I am happy that Lana and Peter ended up together because John needed someone that appreciated him more. 

10. Magnus Bane
I don't like the Shadowhunters series, it's full of boring tropes. That being said, Magnus Bane was the saving grace in all of the books he appeared in. The TV show Magnus is superior in all aspects, but the book one wasn't bad either.

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  1. Sara had some great character growth for sure! Hope your daughter enjoys that book.

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  2. I only recognize two of these characters - Peeta and Hermione. I agree with you on good guys. My husband is one, too :) And, the qualities that make us love dogs are also admirable in a husband - loyalty, devotion, reliability, always happy to see us, etc. Hermione is also an awesome character! I relate to her so much.

    Happy TTT!

  3. Great list! Victor is one of my favourite characetrs of all time, even though he isn't always great or good, and who doesn't love Hermoine and Peeta??

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  4. You have some awesome favorite characters here!

  5. I don’t know who my all-time-favorite characters are. I’ll have to think about that! I’m pretty sure Hermione and Victor would be on my list. I love them.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!