Blogtober Post Ideas For Book Bloggers

I don't know if that's still the case, but Blogtober used to be huge a few years ago. Every blogger was joining in, and it was fun to see what everyone came up with. You'll still see many Blogtober Post Ideas, but today I wanted to do one that focuses only on books. You can do all of these, or pick just a few that fit your content. Either way, I hope that this post will provide some inspiration and help you in case you're stuck on what to write about. 

1. Fall TBR
2. Autumn covers
3. Characters you'd dress up as for Halloween
4. Best movie adaptation
5. Worst movie adaptation
6. Books that should be turned into a movie/ TV show
7. Fall Book Haul
8. Bookstagram tips
9. Favourite social media platform: bookstagram, book twitter, booktube, etc?
10. Favourite Book Bloggers
11. Favourite Booktubers
12. Book Reviews
13. Spooky Books Recommendations
14. Join a readathon and share your experience 
15. Characters you'd like to go to a Halloween party with
16. Fantasy book Recommendations
17. Favourite magical systems
18. Favourite witches
19. Favourite historical fiction novels 
20. Autumn photoshoot
21. Books You`re too scared to read
22. Favourite Fall Reading Genre
23. Fall Reading Routine
24. Favourite Fall Reading snacks
25. Do a book tag
26. Share your bookshelf organisation system 
27. Booktuber/ Book Blogger made me read it
28. Wish I Read it as a kid
29. Book places you'd like to visit
30. Favourite bookstores
31. Books that hold special memories

I hope that you`ve found this post useful, and maybe it even inspired you to try Blogtober. If you decide to do it, just remember that it should be something fun, and don`t succumb to stress. The last thing you want is blogger burnout. In my opinion, the key to a successful Blogtober/Blogmas is planning in advance, and it gets so much easier when you know what posts you`ll write.

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  1. I've never heard of blogtober but this is a great list of ideas regardless! It's definitely helpful for me - someone who has struggled with ideas for a while lol Thanks for sharing!