Book Review: "As The Stars Fall" by Steve N. Lee

As The Stars Fall Book review

I don`t accept many review requests, and I know that saying this makes me sound self-absorbed or whatever. It`s not even the fact that I get many requests cause I don`t. But I always worry about what will happen if I don`t like the book they`ve sent me. What if I wasn`t the best audience? If a book it`s not for you, does that mean that it`s bad? As you can see, I stress a lot, and if I accept a request, I`m 99% I will love the book. If you know me, I`m a sucker for anything with animals, so yeah, I adored this story.

The story is told from Kai`s perspective, a young pup that lost his mother and brother. Every day he faces the harsh world in hopes that he will be reunited with his family. His life is about to change when Mia and her dad find him injured on a street. For the first time, he experiences human kindness, something so unexpected that makes Kai think that these people are crazy. 

I think that having the story told from Kai`s point of view was a great idea, giving the story an endearing innocence. Like a newborn, so many of the things humans do seems crazy to Kai. My favourite part was on Christmas Day when he`s more excited about the box than the actual presents inside. It made me giggle because my newborn baby also seems more interested in boxes than what`s in them. You always hear how little children and animals have these pure souls, untouched by society, and this story confirms it. It`s this way of seeing the world that shapes Mia and Kai`s connection.

Like Kai, Mia doesn`t try to bend the world to her will. She is sweet and finds wonder in the small things. Obviously, as she turns into a teen she`s changing, but her love for Kai never fades. As for Kai? He truly knows peace only when he`s with Mia. Although he bonds with dad and the neighbours, it`s not the same connection. The ending left me sobbing for two hours, but I`m still so grateful for having read this story.

At a glance, the book seems predictable, but Steve managed to create a story that remains heart-warming through and through. Even if there are a few hints, and you might guess the ending, it`s still a touching finale. Actually, it`s a moving novel from the first moment you meet Kai, a rollercoaster of emotions that will hopefully stay with you long after you`ve finished it. Isn`t this the secret of all good books?

I`d like to state that although I got this book for free, all opinions are my own. I was actually worried about writing this review because I didn`t want people to think I`m hyping it up for the sake of it. But it truly is one of my favourite books I`ve read this year. Like I say in my bio, I am a dog lover.

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  1. I'm so pleased my book resonated with you and that you enjoyed it so much. That was my goal - to make a connection with my fellow animal lovers. I figured if I wrote something that touched me, it might touch others. Luckily, it seems I hit my mark. Thank you for letting me share my book with you. And thank you for such a lovely review!