On Bookstagram and Minimalism

Hello, everyone! In my latest post, you might have noticed quite a few books about minimalism on my TBR. I have been slowly moving towards minimalism for over a year now, but I was always apprehensive to call myself a minimalist. Cause in my mind, I had a certain idea about what minimalism means. Truth be told, I was too focused on the aesthetic, rather than the principle of minimalism.

I am a book collector. Can I call myself a minimalist?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Like I said, many of us think of minimalism and think of someone that lives like a monk. And while that might be true about some people, it's not the essence of minimalism. Instead, it's about living a life with purpose, about ditching consumerism and focusing on what matters. But if collecting books is important to you and it brings you joy, then don't stop doing it. Like I said, it took me a while to realise it, but I am a minimalist. Even if my dream is owning a library similar to the one in "Beauty and the Beast".

Can you be a minimalist bookstagrammer? That is the question. 

For years, I have tried to create the perfect theme. I have spent ridiculous amounts on props and constantly craved for more. It was exhausting and it made me hate bookstagram. But my idea of creating an impeccable feed has nothing to do with the community. Now people can't see how many likes I have, and it's a blessing. I still check my stats, not gonna lie. But I am working on ditching that as well. 

When I first joined the bookstagram community, it was a much-needed place to talk about books. I still keep in touch with a few people I have discovered 3-4 years ago, cause back then it was about interaction. Not likes or follow for follow bullshit. Obviously, you tried to create pretty pictures and let your creativity shine. But it wasn't that competitive. It wasn't JUST about numbers.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the future of book blogging, and I still want to pursue my hobby and make money along the way. But I will do that by investing more in my blog and less on social media. I want to enjoy my social media platforms, not look at them as a chore. That doesn't mean that I won't post anymore, far from it. But I am ditching perfect pictures. I am applying minimalism to my social media as well.

As far as my props go, I don't believe in waste, so they're staying. But I am done with buying Funkos, bookish mugs and all that jazz. I know that stylish accounts get more likes and opportunities. But it's a risk I am willing to take. Rather than thousands of likes, I want meaningful interactions. I want to have the same feeling I had in 2016 when opening up my Bookstagram was a joy. Cause I was replying to real comments and building a community.

Since social media tends to be vicious, I want to clarify that this is based on my feelings and I am in no way shading others. There are bookstagrammers that feel genuine joy when they create photos, and they should continue to do that. It's just that with a baby, I don't have time to get creative. And rather than focusing on the negative of what I can't do, I am letting go for my sanity. We always complain that we don't have time for this or that, but the truth is this: we decide how we spend our time. I could try to recreate perfect pictures, with modest results. Or I could focus on talking about books, writing interesting posts and generally producing content I am happy with. When I look at it like this, it's a simple choice to make.

Regardless of your styling preferences, try to keep your bookstagram your happy place. It should be something that makes you smile, not feel inferior. Actually, all of your social media platforms should be like that. You control them, you have the power. If you notice that posting on Bookstagram makes you feel bad, have a look at who you follow and ditch the accounts that are giving you a complex.

And that's about it for now. Hope you've enjoyed my ramblings and that they helped in any way. Also, for those of you that were wondering, Adelina's leg is fine. Now that I am not stressing about that, I have more time to catch up with you. Thanks for reading and supporting me!

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