TTT: Anticipated YA Releases for the First Half of 2021

Hello, everyone! A few days ago I`ve talked about my most anticipated historical fiction releases, and today I want to put the spotlight on YA. Over the past months, I`ve seen a few threads that claimed YA is slowly dying, but I don`t agree. Does it need a change? Of course, and the fact that marginalized voices are getting a platform is a step in the right direction. Whilst on one side we`ll always have the big names, it`s often the releases from new authors that get people talking. My list is a mix of both, and I really hope I`ll get to most of these titles soon.

Rule of Wolves

 "Rule of Wolves" by Leigh Bardugo

You all know I love the Grishaverse, so obviously, this is my number one pick for 2021. Although the first book in the Nikolai duology felt underwhelming, that ending delivered! If you`ve read the book you know what I`m talking about, and I`ll admit I`m trash for that character. I`m not even going to justify myself, we all have our sins to carry. Anyway, although I`m trying not to get my hopes too high, I also can`t wait to be a part of this world again. I was shocked to see that in the previous books Nina`s chapters were the ones I couldn`t connect to, but at the same time, it was a pleasant surprise to see how much Zoya grew on me. I hope my ship will get a happy ending, but I wouldn`t hold my breath. I`m so ready for all the laughs, angst and sorrow this novel will bring.

My Contrary Mary

 "My Contrary Mary" by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Jodi Meadows

I have enjoyed "My Lady Jane" more than I was expecting, but I didn`t pick up the rest of the books in the Jane instalments. Not that I did not find them interesting, but money is/was tight. However, I was always interested in Mary Queen of Scots, and even invested years into watching Reign. Not the most accurate show, but Frary was life. Anyway, these books are always hilarious, and I`m sure this will turn out to be a fun ride.

A Vow so Bold and deadly

 "A Vow So Bold and Deadly" by Brigid Kemmerer

One of my 2021 reading resolutions is to finish more series. Although I`ve adored "A Curse So Dark and Lonely", I didn`t pick up the sequel. Which is surprising considering that my favourite character is the main character. I don`t know what it is with series, if I`m the biggest procrastinator, or I just find it impossible to wait for the sequels?

The Forest of Stolen Girls

 "The Forest of Stolen Girls" by June Hur

YA mysteries have been on a roll these past years, although in all honesty, it was the cover that draw me to this novel. We follow Hwani, whose father vanished whilst investigating the disappearance of 13 young girls. Years ago, Hwani and her sister went missing as well, and all they could remember was the fact that their captor wore a painted-white mask. I might be wrong, but I think some supernatural elements are involved, and the small town might have a shady past. We`ll see.

These Feathered Flames

 "These Feathered Flames" by Alexandra Over

I`m a simple girl, I see Russian folklore, I instantly add the book to my TBR. This novel is described as "Three Dark Crowns" meets "Wicked Saints", and even though I haven`t read those series, I`ve heard great things about them. In this magical realm, one sister must rule, whilst the other will learn magic in order to protect the kingdom. But when their mother dies, Izaveta and Asya must discover the killer, and who will be by their side and who will turn out to be an enemy. Juicy court drama!

 "Trouble Girls" by Julia Lynn Rubin

I can`t provide a better description than Goodreads, so I`ll just add that. "A queer YA #MeToo reimagining of Thelma & Louise with the aesthetic of Riverdale, for fans of Mindy McGinnis, Courtney Summers, and Rory Power." Sounds too good to be true? I mean, Riverdale is a hot mess, but Thelma and Louise will always be a classic.

The Mary Shelley Club

 "The Mary Shelley Club" by Goldy Moldavsky

We follow Rachel Chavez, who`s struggling to find her place in her new school until she joins the Mary Shelly Club. The members have one objective: masterminding the scariest prank. But to their surprise, monsters are real, and soon Rachel has to confront some dark secrets. I don`t really read YA horror, but that Scream comparison has me on the edge of my seat. Are we talking Scream 1, 2 or 3? I`m good as long as it`s not Scream 4. 

 "The Cost of Knowing" by Brittney Morris

I`ve always wondered how it would be to see the future, and the cost it brings. Brittney Morris answers my question with this novel, where every time Alex touches a person or object, he sees the future. He feels that this power is a curse, and he`s desperate for a normal life. At one point he sees his brother`s death, so I`m assuming he`ll try to stop it, and there will be some repercussions. Morris` debut novel was an instant hit, and I`m sure this book will be just as good.

There are a lot of sequels coming out in the first half of 2021, but since I haven`t read most of those, I`ve decided not to include them. Although I`m still a big YA fan, this year historical fiction and classics are my main priority. As for YA, with a few exceptions, I`m focusing more on backlist titles. I`m not in the best financial situation, so rather than complaining, I`m trying to finish my physical TBR.

I`m curious to see if you`ve had any of these titles on your list. Are you a Grishaverse fanatic like myself? Since we`re on the subject, are you excited about the TV show? Let me know.

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  1. Great list! I'm looking forward to Rule of Wolves, too, and I really like the sound of The Forest of Stolen Girls.

  2. I have high hopes for My Contrary Mary!

  3. I keep forgetting that A Vow So Bold and Deadly is coming out this month and then I get all excited again 😍